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Apricot Cream

Need to bring out the best in blonde, apricot, red or brown coats? Dezynadog Apricot Cream Shampoo is designed to enhance colours without drying or damaging the coat. Part of a range of Dezynadog colour enhancers, this shampoo is sure to restore coats to their brightest and best.


More than just a shampoo

While Apricot Cream does everything that a great shampoo should do, its primary focus is getting the best from blonde, red, apricot, and brown coats. Suitable for a range of pooches from Afghan hounds and beagles to Springer Spaniels and Border Collies plus just about anything in between!

Everything you could need

Not just a fantastic colour enhancing shampoo, Apricot Cream is also great at cleaning coats, easy to lather and leaves coats looking good and smelling fresh. Part of the Dezynadog Magic Formula range, this shampoo does exactly what it says on the bottle!

  • Colour enhancing shampoo
  • For reds, browns, apricots and blondes
  • Restore coat colours back to their best
  • Fresh, delectable fragrance
  • Dilutes 10:1
  • Available in 500ml and 5 Litre