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Ember 50/50 Comb Range – Orange

Introducing Ember Combs from DezynaDog, a range of combs designed in the UK, they are lightweight, comfortable, and effortlessly glide through any coat to create lift and volume.


This selection of 50/50 combs are 19cm long, with a variety of tooth lengths and styles including a unique curved comb design.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Teeth glide through coat effortlessly
  • Creates lift and volume
  • 50/50 tooth spacing
  • Made in the U.K

19cm Short Tooth Comb

The Short Tooth comb is perfect for shorter coated breeds or smaller breeds, with 28mm teeth this comb is also great for combing faces and feet

19cm Medium Tooth Comb

The medium tooth, 19cm comb is perfect for body and foot work. With teeth that are 32mm long, it is perfect for medium-sized dogs or those with combination coats

19cm Long Tooth Comb

With longer 38mm teeth, this comb is great for larger breeds or thick double coats. The longer teeth allow you to penetrate the coat and effectively comb both the topcoat and undercoat

19cm Curved Comb

This unique 32mm curved comb will make combing easier thanks to its more natural curved shape. On top of this, these combs will make a great styling companion for curved scissors!