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Motus Blade Range

Introducing Motus dog clipper blades by DezynaDog, a range of top-quality A5 blades suitable for all compatible clippers.


Available in 5F, 7F, 30 and 10, these blades suit a number of styles, coat types and jobs, keeping you clipping all day long. Designed as part of the Motus by DezynaDog range, these blades perfectly accompany the Motus 2-Speed clipper, offering a professional quality finish after every clip.

Part of the DezynaDog range, Motus dog clipper blades have the same historical balance of heritage and quality, with a modernised blend of style and expertly-crafted function. Designed in Northern Ireland, we’re proud to say the Motus blade range, alongside the Motus Clipper, are the newest additions to this established, respected and much-loved brand.

Blade Size Chart
Name Description Extra Information
No 5F Full Tooth Blade Leaves 6.3mm hair
No 7F Full Tooth Blade Leaves 3.4mm hair
No 10 Full Tooth Blade Leaves 1.6mm hair
No 30 Full Tooth Blade Leaves 0.5mm hair
To be used as a guide only. Exact lengths may differ slightly between manufacturers