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Dematting Coat Rake Range

The perfect piece of grooming equipment to make removing even the toughest of tangles or matts no problem at all.


Cut, strip, and comb the coat in one easy-time-saving motion that will remove any dead hair or loose undercoat to leave a wonderful, well-managed coat. Ergonomic dark beech-wood handle for comfortable all-day use.

The DezynaDog Wide Dematting Coat Rake will remove tangles and matts easily, with a comfortable handle for the user and lasting results for your pooch. The wide design of this rake means you will be able to cover more of the coat with every stroke, making it ideal for larger breeds to save you time!

  • Use coarse styles to comb out the undercoat, fine styles for finishing. The wide rakes are ideal for finishing and carding thick, fine coats such as Cockers, Spaniels, Setters and Afghan Hounds.
  • The small rake is ideal for double coats of smaller breeds such as Pomeranians, Westies, Toy Poodles and Lhasa Apsos