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Light & Bright

Part of the Magic Formula range by DezynaDog, this colour enhancing shampoo is designed with white-coated breeds in mind. The blend of ingredients enhances bright colours while gently cleaning the coat, restoring natural shine and colour.


More than just a shampoo

While Light & Bright does everything that a great shampoo should do, its primary focus is getting the best from white, silver or particoloured coats. Suitable for a range of shiny pooches including Bichons, terriers, Samoyeds, Old English Sheepdogs and even multi-coloured pets like Collies, Koolies and Australian shepherds.

Everything you could need

Not just a fantastic colour enhancing shampoo, Light & Bright is also great at cleaning coats, easy to lather and leaves coats looking good and smelling fresh. All of this while providing a luxurious feel for even the poshest of pooches.

  • Colour enhancing shampoo
  • For white and silver coats
  • Adds shine and colour
  • Fresh, delectable fragrance
  • Dilutes 10:1
  • Available in 500ml and 5 Litre