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Doodle Doo

Looking for a shampoo designed with doodle coated breeds in mind? Look no further than DezynaDog Doodle Doo Shampoo! This special blend of ingredients detangles, degreases and conditions to create a fluffy, shiny coat that is easy to style.


Magic Formula

Part of the Magic Formula Range from DezynaDog, Doodle Doo shampoo is designed to make it easier to clean, detangle and style doodle coated breeds with ease. Formulated to leave the perfect condition for brushing and scissoring, allowing you to create full, fluffy finishes. Ingredients include marshmallow extract and Aloe Vera to make teasing away knots even easier!

Want to get the most from Doodle Doo Shampoo?

Why not pair Doodle Doo Shampoo with Doodle Doo conditioner and Detangling Doo Spray for the ultimate detangling treatment? This cleaning combo makes that sought after finish even easier to achieve!

  • Detangling and cleaning shampoo
  • Designed with Doodle crossbreeds in mind
  • Contains marshmallow and aloe extract
  • Subtle coconut inspired scent
  • Dilutes 16:1
  • Available in 500ml and 5 Litre