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Protein Plus

Perfect for scissoring breeds and those that require volume, Protein Plus strengthens and adds body to unruly coats. Great for getting that show quality finish, this luxurious shampoo is a must-have in a busy salon.


Packed with Protein

Part of the Magic Formula Range, this shampoo is packed with luxury ingredients that help clean and freshen the coat but most notably this shampoo contains wheat protein, known for its strengthening and Volumising properties when used on hair. Protein Plus will add texture and volume to the coat and help you create that 1st place finish!

Fresh and Full of life

Thanks to its strengthening properties, Protein Plus is a great shampoo for getting the best from any coat. The added protein strengthens from the root to promote healthy hair growth and build the foundations of a high-quality coat. Like all Magic Formula shampoos, Protein Plus has a gentle, luxurious scent that will leave the coat beautifully fresh.

  • Adds body, strength and texture
  • Perfect for scissoring breeds
  • Packed with protein
  • Fresh, luxurious fragrance
  • Dilutes 10:1
  • Available in 500ml and 5 Litre